Top Attractions and Things to Do in Gold Coast

Rated among the top tourist destinations in Australia, Gold Coast stretches along the coast of Queensland on the South-eastern side.Gold Coast offers interesting attractions for people of all ages and nationalities, with different budgets. This glamorous destination is known for its blond beaches, skyscrapers dotted along the coast, nightlife, theme parks, wildlife, shopping, and fun places that bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

Apart from picturesque beaches, there are also amazing theme parks for families, wildlife sanctuaries for animal lovers, quaint spots for honeymooners, exotic locales for those looking to unwind, and some very cool bars and nightclubs in Gold Coast.

If you are a nature lover, hikeror trekker, there are plenty of Gold Coast attractions for you to choose from. Think lush peaks, gorgeously winding valleys, amazing rainforests, and the sun shining down on the coast almost round the year.

Here are things you should do while there, and if you have the Gold Coast City Card you can save $500 on attractions in Gold Coast

Fire Truck Tour at Gold Coast

The One Hour Fire Truck Tour at Surfer’s Paradise is an altogether unique experience, one that you will cherish for a lifetime. Experience the ride, live your childhood dream of being in the fire truck, giving out sirens, holding an authentic fire hose and of course a real firefighter’s helmet as you discover Gold Coast in your elevated Fire Truck seat! Doesn’t that sound fun and exciting?

You can then make your way to the Spit (as the name implies, The Spit extends into the seaway and the landmass consists mostly of public parkland making it a popular location for fishing, boating and relaxing) from Surfers Paradise along the beachfront esplanade. Pose for ‘firefighter’ photographs followed by the return Fire Truck ride with the music on! I am sure this has been on your wish list since your childhood and you surely can see your dream come to life with a fun Fire truck tour at Gold Coast.You can also avail discounts on this tour if you have the Gold Coast City Card.

Laser Tag at Game Over, Gold Coast

When on a holiday, it’s fun to bring out the child within you and enjoy to the hilt with your kids too. You can book yourself an exciting and thrilling Laser Tag session that you can enjoy with your whole family.

Moving with the rapid pace of technological advancements, Game Over’s Laser Tag has evolved too and isnow a live action packed,technology driven game that uses the best light and sound equipment available. Players battle it out against each other in a 300 square metre playing arena. Let the adventure begin – you first need to step into the briefing room to discover what your mission is. Next comes the armoury where you strap on the latest Gen7 LaserforceBattlesuitVest and Phaser. Finally step into another world – the Laser arena, dimly lit with fog swirling around – it’s a different fun world altogether, something that you’venever witnessed before.

Morning Tea Cruise at Tweed River, Gold Coast

Start your day on a relaxing note with a two-hour morning cruise across Stott’s Island, run by Tweed Eco Cruises. Your fresh hot tea is accompanied by stories of how the region’s history evolved, beginning with the first settlers, the Aboriginal tribes. Welcome the spectacular morning sun when you reach Mt Warning, the first site in Australia to be touched by sunrays at the break of dawn. Cruise a bit, sip a bit, enjoy the breeze and listen to the chirping of birds. In all, a great way to begin a brand new morning in Gold Coast.

Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, Gold Coast

Shout out to all shopaholics! Make the most of your Australian holiday by shopping your heart out with family and friends.Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast is Queensland’s largest shopping and dining destination that will surely entice you and your family with its iconic global brands. With the Gold Coast City Card and Visitor Privileges Pass you can avail handsome discounts on your purchases and also get a complimentary Pacific Fair Calico shopping bag. You can redeem your bill to avail the complimentary offers at the Visitor Lounge.Free transfers to hotel are provided as well to members of the Gold Coast City Card.

Pedal Boat Hire, Gold Coast

Even on a holiday, you can still keep pace with your fitness regime! Combine exercise and fun with this 90-minute pedal boat hire service; where you not only enjoy waterscape views from a stable watercraft but also pedal by yourself and workout amidst nature.

Holoverse, Gold Coast

Pick your Augmented Reality experience with the power of holographic technology. Swim with fish, pat a dinosaur, fly through the sky and battle monsters on an alien planet. Kids especially would be enamoured by this unique experience wherein objects appear solid but they’re made out of light. They’llbe amazed whenthey put their hands right through! Teenagers and grownups can even battle each other on the Hologram Arcade Tables with 12 different arcade games to choose from.