Best things to do with kids and family in Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a perfect place to create special memories for you and your family. This subtropical coastal region is famous for world-class beaches, especially for a well-renowned stretch of sand at Surfers Paradise. Beyond beaches, Gold Coast has some of the best theme parks, ancient rainforests and many other attractions for people who are young at heart. Visiting Gold Coast with the Gold Coast City Card will provide you with amazing value for money, apart from saving time on queuing at entry gates. Here are some of the best things you can do with your little ones and your family.

Planet Chill Ice Skating

Are you planning to spend some quality fun time with your kids,while beating the heat and throwing on some winter clothes? If yes, it’s best to explore the 2 hour Ice Skating Session at Planet Chill’s Rink. This one-of-its-kind ice skating zone isan ideal attraction for kids of all ages (including mum and dad)! Make sure you pack your warm clothes and socks, which must be worn with the skates.Make the most of the discounts offered for Gold Coast City Card holders,by booking your family for this unique activity.

Tropical Fruit World

The 2.5 hour farm tour is a fully guided tour of the plantation, where you get to learn about orchards of delicious fruits from all over the world. You can also opt for a tour of the orchards by tractor train, ending with an exotic fruit tasting experience. The attached animal park has kagaroos, emus and many more farm animals, which are sure to enamour kids of all ages. But the best part is the boat cruise that takes you through the bushland valley in the heart of the farm, making it a great way to unwind and relax with your family.


Quack’rDuck is one of the most soughtafter sightseeing services and one of the best Gold Coast attractions you would want to experience.This bus is equally comfortable on land and water, giving you a unique sightseeing experience. Not only is this amphibious bus contemporary in looks, it is also environmentally friendly. Gold Coast City Card holders can get the fun Quack’rDuck experience without having to queue up at the entry gates.

Go Karting at Game Over GC

Enjoy up to 14 laps of go karting sessions with the latest high speed electric go karts which have several clear advantages over gas-powered rivals, including low environmental impact, no exhaust fumes, and much better performance. The 20hp DC electric motors produce far more torque than other kart engines and have superb acceleration out of tight corners.While a gas engine can get bogged down, these electric motors are capable of delivering instant power and thrill.

Whale Watching Cruise

Bring out the child in you and experience of the world’s largest marine mammals up close with Sea World Cruises. The best time to enjoy the awe-inspiring whale watching experience is between June and October. Moreover you also avail discounts and complimentary return if you are a Gold Coast City Card holder. GCC card proudly supports the Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation.

Embark on a fun-filled holiday with family and create the best of memoriestogether. Spend quality time with family in the lap of nature and experience the best that Gold Coast has to offer. If you have the Gold Coast City Card, you can save money on entry fees for all major attractions, and also get good deals at leading F&B outlets.